10 Hijab Tips to Make Dressing Modestly Easier


tips for dressing modestly

In a world full of Kylie Jenners and Gigi Hadids, it can be tough to find modest style inspiration that works for you. Like most of us, sometimes you simply want to grab a pair of jeans or leggings and call it a day, but these tips are here to show you that dressing modestly can be so easy when you keep it simple. Everyone has their own definition of what ‘modest fashion’ is, which is why these tips are simply a guide for you to tweak and tune to your own style. Here are our top 10 tips for dressing modestly:

1. Stock up on basics.

Modest basics are the foundation of every stylish girls’ wardrobe. Without proper foundation it’s like highlighting your bare face (NEVER, I know). It’s crucial to see how important basics really are to your wardrobe, and why once you have a few amazing, solid colored basic items - you’ll be good to go! Some of our favorite basics include our long modest tops, every day dresses, and kimonos.

Source: @hajra_aaa wearing a nude pleated skirt and a light blue hoodie

Neutral & solid colored dresses/skirts : Basic dresses can be an instant lifesaver on a day you’re too lazy to put an outfit together. We’ve all been there, writing a paper until 3 am and you have to be up in 2 hours. Trust me no one will even notice your lack of sleep if you trade those sweat pants for a simple modest dress. Not only are basic dresses and skirts essential if you’re in a rush, but they’re the perfect piece to wear underneath almost anything. Our favorite is pairing these long sleeve dresses with an open abaya or even a sweater for a super chic and put together look.

Source: @allthingsfatima wearing a Veiled Collection Khaki Basic Dress

2. Layer over not under.

Unless you’re wearing a see-through top and need to wear something underneath, opt for layering over your tops and dresses, not under. For example, if you’re wearing a sleeveless top instead of wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath, throw on a cute cardigan, open abaya or jacket.

Source: @sohamt wearing an elegant lace maxi jacket over a top and jeans

3. Mix up different textures.

To avoid a boring outfit but still look elegant and put together try mixing up different fabrics and textures, instead of different prints. The highlight about modest fashion is you have the opportunity to layer so many different fabrics. From modest tops underneath an open abaya, to wide cut pants paired with a modest high cut top - the opportunities are endless! 

Source: Pinterest

4. Find your colors.

Not everyone can pull off hot pink palazzo pants, and you shouldn't have to. Find colors that you love to wear and that work for you. 

Source: Pinterest 

5. Don't be afraid of wide cuts.

Many people are afraid that wide cut pants or boxy tops will make them look bigger, but that's almost never true. When paired with the right pieces wide cuts can make you look slimmer and hide areas you don't want to accentuate. 

Source: Pinterest - @hajra_aaa looking chic in wide cut palazzo pants and a longline top

6. Less is more.

Sometimes, especially for occasions we try to go overboard - lace, sequins, embellishment and the whole works - however, by keeping it simple your outfit can say a lot more. 

Source: Pinterest - This simple nude outfit is so simple yet heavenly

7. Co-ord.

Co-ord sets or matching sets can make your life a lot easier on days you can't seem to find an outfit that goes together. Matching pant or skirt sets always look so chic.

Source: Pinterest - We love this elegant kimono, pant, and top co-ord set

8. Simplify your hijab routine.

Having pins everywhere and tons of folds can knock on some serious time to your hijab routine. Keep it simple and wearable so you're comfortable all day and not worrying about your hijab slipping. Try our ultra chic Luxury Chiffon Hijabs and super soft Cotton Crinkle Hijabs, at only $10 a piece you can't go wrong.

Source: Pinterest - Ruba Zai keeps it real with her super helpful hijab tutorials

9. Find clothes that are versatile.

We've all wasted money on a dress we could only wear once, or on cheap clothes that won't hold up in the wash. Save your money and invest in pieces that will last you forever, and are versatile enough to wear different ways.

Source: Veiled Collection - Reversible Lavender Kimono

10. Tie it up.

By adding a small belt or waist tie you can instantly elevate your outfit. Even something as simple as tying a small scarf or piece of fabric - try it out!

Source: Pinterest.


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