6 Hijabi Bloggers Share Why Wearing Hijab Makes Them Stronger Women


Muslim women who choose to wear the hijab are often met with hostility, racism and Islamophobia. Looking outwardly Muslim can certainly make life more difficult, but these hijabi women meet their difficulties with positivity and turn any struggles they face into their strength. 

A growing number of women decide to start wearing the hijab every day. Whether it's to please Allah SWT or simply to lead a more modest lifestyle, it is not uncommon for women feel empowered and more confident in themselves. 

Fashion blogger Sana Ishaq writes, "I find what helps me restore is to recall why I started it myself and how it makes me a better person each and every day." Wearing hijab can push you to be the best version of yourself. Whether it's through the way you dress, the way you speak or your character and emotions we want to display ourselves in the best manner. 

Wearing hijab displays your strength, your confidence in yourself, and your resilience in this world. Wearing hijab makes women strong because in a society where she is constantly told, "You can't" - she does. This is why we've dedicated our AW18 collection to every hijabi woman out there. 

Gulis Gulkaya

"My hijab makes me strong because it came with numerous challenges. People always make the assumption that it limits women and it is oppressive. It feels amazing to be able to break those stereotypes by helping others understand that it doesn’t dictate me but rather liberates me and makes me confident. I wouldn't be who I am today without it. I am so proud and happy that I have chosen hijab to be apart of my identity. It challenges me to be creative and always reminds me of who I am."

Instagram: @gulis.lifts

Sana Ishaq

"My hijab makes me strong because...

A hijab to me is more than just wearing a head cover. It is a personality improvement as well as attaining the right intentions to commit to it. I believe as a hijabi and fashion enthusiast, it requires constant improvement in one’s Iman and positive influence to make a life long commitment to a hijab. 

We live in an era where Instagram, Twitter and other social media platform have a heavy influence on people of all ages. It is difficult to be able to commit to a hijab especially when you see how easily it can be taken off or how it is not commonly displayed. Including myself, sometimes. I find what helps me restore is to recall why I started it myself and how it makes me a better person each and every day. It makes you question “how can I pull this look off with a hijab”. It needs one’s strength to bring what is not in the norms and create a style with confidence. What’s beautiful is it delivers style with a whole new level individually, depending on one’s comfort and definition of modesty.  

We can always find a balance between fashion and hijab. Of course it may not be easy and there is a constant struggle. However, along the way you find that the hijab becomes an epiphany for endurance. To be able to go through something and still hold on to your commitment of a hijab is strength. To be able to wear the hijab despite the known hardships is strength. To be able to find balance within is strength. I truly believe the hijab can deliver everlasting strength so long as you hold on."

Instagram: @caramelchemist
Website: https://caramelchemist.blogspot.com/?m=1


Yasemin Kanar

“Wearing my hijab empowers me to be a more confident and strong individual because not only does it enable me to be different from what main stream society deems as beautiful, but most importantly it allows me to please my Lord. I love that I stand out as a Muslim with my hijab and it makes me proud to be able to represent our religion with elegance where ever I go.”

Instagram: @YazTheSpaz89
Website: www.YazTheSpaz.com


Zara Asad

"My hijab makes me strong because it allows me to remember my identity in a world that's constantly trying to tell women who they are or how they should be. My hijab serves as a reminder for me to remain emotionally intelligent and to remember that my value as a woman is not measured by the number of men who like me or how good I look for them. My hijab makes me strong because it forms an identity that is modest, but not delicate, graceful but outspoken and commands that I be intelligent in both my spiritual and secular knowledge. My hijab makes me strong because it serves as a constant reminder that God is with me and that no matter how bad society or satan make me feel during the times I mess up - that I am trying. Hijab is for flawed humans who are simply saying everyday to themselves that they are trying. It's not a crown you wear once you've reached spiritual enlightenment nor is it a spiritual destination. It's simply the strongest form of liberation for women because it puts an end to the control societies and cultures have over them."
Instagram: @zaraasad_ 

Zobaida Falah 

"My hijab makes me strong because it pushes me to be a better person than I was yesterday."
Instagram: @ZobaidaFalah 

Hassanah El-Yacoubi

"My hijab makes me strong because it gives me an opportunity to creatively express myself in ways I deem appropriate. It enables me to feel confident and comfortable in being different. Ultimately, what I love most about my hijab is that it is a daily reminder of my religious conviction, which is the essence of who I am."

Instagram: @Hassanah_PFH

Website: www.getpfh.com


How does hijab make you stronger? Share your stories!

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