Top 5 Modest Fashion Tips During Fall and Winter

Salam loves!

We get a lot of questions from our customers and friends on how to wear an abaya when the weather is getting colder so we decided to make this list to help give inspiration for your winter wardrobe!


1. Choose heavier fabrics.

Everyone has an essential wool coat in their closet for the winter time. But what about a velvet or tweed abaya? These fabrics are much heavier and thicker than the traditional abaya material (Nida) and can help keep you warm during these colder months.

(Black Velvet Abaya, Veiled Collection)


2. Wear knits. 

Wearing heavier knit clothing underneath an abaya can give you the warmth you need without having to wear a big bulky coat on top. Try trendy knit skirts, wide legs pants and especially knit sweaters. We love stocking up on these in neutral colors to match any abaya we choose to wear over! 

abaya winter knit zara

This is the perfect example of a chunky knit sweater that would keep you nice and cozy. Pair it with an abaya on top for the perfect modest winter outfit.


3. Wear scarves.

Aside from wearing a hijab, which helps to keep our ears and necks warm, we love layering with chunky scarves for double the warmth! Keep it simple with a solid colored knit scarf to match all of your outfits!

hijab scarf winter abaya dubai

(Chunky knit scarf paired with our Gem Open Abaya)


4. Get the boot.

Quite literally. Get those boots, girl! You think you can't wear a maxi skirt, dress or loose pants with those boots? Think again! Pairing boots with a maxi skirt is one of the trendiest looks of the season, and it'll keep your feet and legs oh-so-toasty. 

boots with maxi skirt winter outfit idea inspo

5. Keep it comfy.

We all love that winter dressing usually means being comfortable and cozy, but that doesn't mean we can't also look cute! Keep it comfy and put together with matching separates and by wearing colors in a similar family. 


What are your favorite things about fall and winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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